Are you looking for great curtain ideas? Especially for your living room and kitchen? In this blog, we’ll empower you with curtain ideas to bring colour, style and personality to your living spaces. We’ll also focus specifically on kitchen window curtains and living room curtain ideas. We’ll also help you move beyond what is fashionable or pragmatic, and crest the horizon of enduring style.


Let Your Goals Generate Clever Curtain Ideas

Every home is different, but regardless of home-style, situation and family-challenge, these design goals will almost always apply:

  • Engaging beauty
  • Enduring style
  • Sensible pricing
  • Functionality
  • Practicality, and
  • Safety


Living Room Curtains


Enhancing the style, colour, and personality of your living room requires conscious awareness and effort. Stella Curtains & Blinds can walk with you through the process. With an abundance of options and samples, we’re more than happy to do what we love! Call us on 0411 557 622 to learn about your options.

We’ll help you choose a living room curtain solution that completes the room, and creates the ambience you desire. Before we meet, you should stay aware of inspirations and options; and then we’ll guide, as you sort your living room curtain ideas. There are many issues to consider.

We’ll walk the journey with you, of course, but you can make a start by thinking about the curtain ideas that follow.


Living Room Curtain Ideas

Consider these tips when designing your living room curtains:

  • Style: Usually, living room curtains are double panelled and symmetrical; in other words, gathering the curtains in equal volume to both sides of the window is best. Beyond this typical standard, the options are many.
  • Size: Your curtains should be at least double the width of your windows, to allow for sufficient volume when both open and closed.
  • Length: Living room curtains are more suited to puddling than other rooms. Allowing them to bunch up on the floor can create an opulent look, especially if made of silk. It’s unusual however, as the more popular option is to have the curtain resting lightly on, or barely touching the floor.
  • Mounting: Living room curtains also lend themselves to a full-height fitting. When fittings and rods are positioned just below the roof, rather than just above the window frame, the ceiling seems higher. The room also seems more significant, and the sense of extravagance is heightened (if you’ll excuse the pun).
  • Heading: Style, rather than sensible practicality pragmatism, is the norm for living room curtains. Your pleat selection will very likely reflect this. There are no rules here, but inverted box pleat, pinch pleat and S-fold are the most common solution.
  • Materials and Mood: Your curtains will significantly influence the feel of the room. Linens tend to create a light and tranquil atmosphere, whereas cotton and velvet, move toward a luxurious or more formal feel. Colour and style will influence this, of course.
  • Insulation: Depending on your aspect and home design, you might want to insulate the room with heavier fabric in the cold, or lighter fabrics in the heat. Pelmet and bulkheads are also an option that reduces the loss of heat or cold.
  • Privacy: Remember that sheer curtains can be beautiful, float on the wind and permit the enjoyment of a great view or breeze.
    Unfortunately, sheer material also offers only limited privacy. A double-curtain (sheer beneath standard) approach might solve the problem or a more contemporary approach of lining behind a sheer in front.

Kitchen Window Curtains


Like children’s bedrooms, kitchens are typically space-poor – even when open plan. Cupboards, appliances, food stores and general family paraphernalia usually clutter the area. At times, school bags, toy dinosaurs and magazines join the fray. Yes, kitchens are typically hectic spaces. In all this activity, it’s easy for your curtains to shrink into irrelevance. You might be okay with that, but it’s nice if that happens by design rather than an accident.

We should also say that curtains are sometimes impractical in a kitchen. Grease, oil and food splashes are everyday challenges, plus there are other complications (which we’ll explain). A Roman blind may work well, with its even stacks, smooth surfaces and vertical rise making it less vulnerable to staining, and easier to clean when necessary. Similarly, a well-gathered drape across the top of your window can also look great.

Just remember, there may be better options – especially if you want privacy.

As alternatives, you could consider blinds, shades, or shutters including Roller, Roman and timber Venetian blinds, pleated and other shades, as well as a variety of shutters.

These options are relevant because kitchens present unique challenges and opportunities. For example:

  1. Full-length curtains are rarely appropriate (hence the Roman Blind suggestion).
  2. Similarly, sheer curtains afloat on a light breeze may be soothing and beautiful, but they become annoying when they’re fluttering through your line of sight when washing dishes or preparing food.
  3. Fire danger is also relevant. There’s an obvious risk when a curtain meets a gas flame. But if you have food or a tea towel catch alight elsewhere in the kitchen, by impulse, it will be rushed to the sink, and will usually meet with your window furnishings.


Kitchen Curtain Ideas


Whatever solution you choose, there are always colour, pattern and style issues to factor in. Consider some of these options as you move forward:

  • Choosing a neutral shade will often increase the longevity of your solution. The kitchen is a greasy and active area of the home.
  • If you have modern and stainless steel benchtops, with soft white colours, your kitchen might benefit from a contrast. Classic greys and even black blinds or curtains can be both bold and beautiful.
  • Got an extra busy kitchen? In a space loaded with a crowded mismatch of colours and shapes, a plain neutral curtain or shade might help bring peace to the visual conflict.
  • Bold striped patterns (horizontal or vertical) can also work well in kitchens. This approach works best when complemented by floor coverings of the same or a complementary colour.
  • If the rest of the kitchen is relatively plain, you might want to make a bold statement with extravagant patterns and bright colours.
  • Finally, you can create a very stylish kitchen look by using trellis-patterned curtain panels. It’s a statement that typically creates an opulent and upmarket feel.

You want your kitchen to be one of the homeliest feeling rooms in your house. You’re going to spend a lot of time there. You’re also likely to have some of your most significant conversations there.

It’s a room worth getting right!



Let Style, not Fashion, Inspire Your Curtain Ideas


It’s an old adage, but it’s timeless and true: fashions change and style lasts! Remember, therefore, that the best curtain decisions are a pursuit of style, not a response to fashion.

To create engaging beauty now and enduring style that lasts, you’ll need:

  1. Core knowledge,
  2. An eye for style,
  3. Access to options, and
  4. Some ‘crystal ball’ skills, so you can identify the curtain ideas that will last.


This is why getting professional help is wise. While no one can guarantee your curtains will be beautiful and stylish in the years to come, as experienced professionals, the Stella team have a well-practised and well-proven eye. We’re experts at distinguishing between curtains that work for one season, and those that will still be stylish years from now.

We will help you identify the curtain ideas that work best in your home. Whether it’s living room curtains, kitchen window curtains or shades, or curtain ideas for anywhere in your home – we’re here for you. We’ll help you feel the ensuring pleasure of being surrounded by enduring style.

We receive our most enthusiastic praise, not when we make a good suggestion, but rather when we politely point out a threat or perceived error. Warning our clients when they turn down ‘Disappointment Road’ can be challenging – but it is necessary. It’s a ‘tough love’ friendship at times, but relieved and grateful customers have assured us, we’re doing the right thing.

If you’d like Stella Curtains & Blinds to be at your side, call 0411 557 622. We’ll elevate both you and your home to a stylish best.