The Lumex Opening Roof System is the ultimate outdoor louvred shading solution with automated intelligence, allowing users to adapt their outdoor living environment for all 4 seasons.  

The Lumex roofing solution adds value to any home because it is versatile, functional, remote controlled, energy efficient, engineered for durability and reinforced with premium grade aluminium, perfect for coastal environments. Aluminium corrosion rates are extremely low, making this product a fantastic alternative to steel as it won’t rust. With strength like steel and a natural barrier against corrosion, the Lumex roofing system will last years because they are low maintenance. Every roof is custom-made to order for the perfect fit and backed by a 10-year warranty on the powder coating finish and colour fastness.

Lumex gives you an active and healthy living experience throughout the year without compromising your privacy. With a touch of a button, you can control your living environment with the flexibility to enjoy your outdoor space for smarter outdoor living. The aluminium louvres are adjustable via remote control and rotate up to 130 degrees. The user can control the slats, lighting, heating, and ventilation for perfect entertainment any time of the day, all year round.

Design Features:

  • Fabricated to superior quality, Lumex is constructed with premium-grade aluminium giving it a rust-free advantage.
  • Highly durable, with robust construction and a 10-year warranty on the powder coat.
  • Total privacy and light control with 130-degree blade rotation.
  • Innovative technology – Rain sensors, LED lighting and mobile APP control are available. The integrated lighting system of the louvre roof, with unique lighting, sets the background for your parties and outdoor activities.
  • Trapezoid blade design for seamless integration between a standard ceiling and the Lumex Opening Roof. The Blade is flat on the bottom and tapered at the top to allow water drainage and keep the roof watertight.
  • Energy efficient – Aluminium has better thermal conductivity properties than steel and reflects light which helps keep your outdoor entertaining areas cool in summer. When closed, aluminium louvres will also trap heat in the area, making Lumex roofing systems ideal for winter months and minimising heater usage.

Coastal Style Shutters & Shades is the exclusive distributor of Lumex opening roof systems on the Northern Beaches. With more than 25 years of home building experience, Greg Mater will work with you to custom design a Lumex roof solution to meet your needs. Greg manages the entire job, from design and concept to completion, by measuring, quoting, and installing personally for each project. Greg also can help with CAD concept drawings.

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