We can help you love where you live…

We can help you love where you live…

We can help you love where you live…

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You are a smart, motivated, action taking woman who is ready
to turn the house you have into the home of your dreams!
You have a vision of the home you want to create.

However, you aren’t clear on the details and exactly HOW you are going to get there.

Whether you are doing a smaller area like a bathroom, or renovating your whole house, we can help.

Dreaming of your ideal home is one thing. Making it happen is another. Let’s do it together.

Hi, I’m Yvette.

I’m the local Mum behind the Ladies Renovating Collective Facebook Group.

I’ve been exactly where you are now!

Back in 2015, I was managing our own major home renovation. I found it difficult to make decisions about products, design, colours, carpets, appliances etc and struggled where to get these things.

Then there was the challenge of finding trustworthy and reliable trades to provide and install these!

I thought there must be a better way…


So, our local Facebook group was started. What better way to find good tradies, great products, knowledge, tips and inspiration (and everything in between!) than with a group of like-minded, local ladies.

Since then, our group has grown to over 11,700 members.
We’re the first, and biggest renovating ladies group of its kind in Sydney, and the most active!

Ladies Renovating Collective is not limited to ‘Mum’s only’. And you don’t have to be doing a full house renovation in order to gain valuable information, ideas, tips & inspiration from our group.

All day, every day our members post questions, tips and recommendations on all things renovation. From colour advice and interior design to plumbing and building. Our group does it all.

Creating the Ultimate Directory

After running the group for a few years, I saw the same people being recommended time after time. But because of the nature of a Facebook group, people couldn’t always find these recommendations easily.

We love supporting local businesses,
so decided to put them all in one place for people to instantly download.

As a result, our Northern Beaches Trade Directory was born.

Businesses are charged a fee to join our directory, but we don’t simply allow anyone in. We have built a reputation whereby our members trust and rely on our recommendations.
This is one of my most important values.

The businesses we feature have been used by myself or recommended multiple times
from independent ladies within our Facebook group.

We will never compromise these values to ensure that our community is the place
that local women can rely on, to get trusted honest advice.

Our Mission


I have a true passion for what I do. It’s my mission to make the renovation process as easy, stress free and straight forward as possible for you.

We’re here to help you turn the house you have into the home of your dreams. Let’s get started!