Spring is finally here and it’s the ideal time to start thinking about your outdoor space.

Creating a functional yet beautiful space that connects seamlessly from your home to your garden. A place you can relax and entertain with family and friends. There’s a lot to consider in choosing the right components of your outdoor room. Integro Carpentry is an outdoor room specialist, which means we can provide expert design and advice for your project.


Choosing the right materials

A deck is an investment and it’s important to make the right choice for your lifestyle, budget and overall design and conditions of your home. You can’t beat the look and feel of a natural timber product but composite decking is growing in popularity. It can feel overwhelming with so many choices on the market.


  • Timber – Timber is a natural, affordable product that can look great when well maintained for years to come. There are so many choices of timber you can create the exact look you are after to suit your homes style. Timber can be weathered for a coastal grey look or oiled to preserve it’s appearance and durability. Choosing a quality hardwood with good maintenance can last for 40 years. Timber is also easy to work with and versatile to create the right look. Timber is also a more affordable option initially. However timber decking is prone to weathering when not maintained or used in poor conditions, such as a low bearing deck with limited sunlight.
  • Composite Decking – If you love the look and feel of timber decking but don’t want the maintenance, you could consider a composite option. Recent improvements in manufacturing in recent years means there are more options available. Look for products that offer a 25 year warranty such as Millboard or Trex, NewTech Wood and Timber Tech as more affordable options. Initially the outlay is more than timber decking however you will save on maintenance costs.

Creating light in your outdoor room

Creating a roof provides protection from the elements, and a space to enjoy all year round. Ensuring that there is enough natural light is a concern many people have. Choosing the right roof ensures enough light in your outdoor room and in your adjoining indoor space. Integro Carpentry have created The Sheer Light range which allows for soft, filtered light through your outdoor room. Other options include Velux Skylights, and slated polycarb roof.


Those extra touches

Adding extra touches to your outdoor room maximises your enjoyment and use of your outdoor room.


  • Outdoor Kitchen – An outdoor kitchen allows you to entertain in style with family and friends. This can be customised to suit your needs such as modern, streamlined cabinetry to handcrafted timber designs. It’s important to use the latest, durable products to withstand the elements and test of time.
  • Electrical – Creating light, heating and cooling in your outdoor room ensures you can enjoy it all year round. This may include downlights, feature lighting, powerpoints, fans and heating.
  • Furniture – Bench seating, storage or custom furniture gives your outdoor room that extra special touch.
  • Doors –  It’s important to think about how your outdoor room will flow from your internal space to your garden. You could consider bifold or stacker doors to increase the connection to your adjoining living areas. Wide, easy flow stairs from your deck to your garden will mean you can easily access your outdoor space.
  • Screening – If you are overlooked by neighbours or want extra protection from the elements you may want to consider a screening. Choosing the right balustrade for your outdoor room is important for capturing views or maintaining privacy.

If you’re thinking of creating an Outdoor Room, give Craig a call on 0431 519 221 to see how he can help create an amazing space to make the most of your outdoor living.