Are you looking to elevate your home decor with some new curtains, blinds or shutters? Look no further! Here are three must-have window furnishing trends for 2023:

Soft n Floaty Sheer Curtains

Soft n floaty sheer curtains are a classic trend that never goes out of style. Whether you opt for a textured linen fabric for a premium, luxe look or a textured polyester “linen look” to save some money, these curtains create an elegant and soft ambience in any room. If you have a square set ceiling, installing the sheers to the ceiling can add height to the room, while installing them under the cornice can create a finished look. A white s-fold sheer curtain can truly transform a space, bringing casual, coastal elegance to your home.

Sheers with Blockout Lining

If you want sheer curtains throughout your home but are worried about blocking out light in bedrooms for a restful sleep, we have the perfect solution. Use the same sheer curtain from your living room in your bedroom, with a blockout lining sewn into the heading. This gives you a consistent and elegant look while also blocking out light for a restful night’s sleep.

Privacy and Blockout

For ultimate privacy and light control, a double track system can be installed. Use an S-fold sheer on the front track and a knife pleat lining on the back track for a soft and elegant look during the day while ensuring complete privacy and blockout at night. Alternatively, install a blockout roller blind within the window recess and a sheer curtain over the top. For that extra touch of luxury, opt for battery-operated or motorised curtains and blinds that can be easily controlled with the press of a button without ever leaving your bed.

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