Before commencing any bathroom renovation project consider the following reasons to choose ThermoGlaze as an alternative to a completely new bathroom.

  • Quality finished result.
  • Beautiful yet tough – ThermoGlaze looks, feels and behaves like porcelain. Rigorous independent testing in Australian and Japanese laboratories prove that ThermoGlaze will withstand the heaviest bathroom traffic and is superior to other resurfacing materials and methods available in the marketplace.
  • A Huge Choice of Colours – ThermoGlaze can match virtually any decor. Choose from over 1000 colours. Ask about the ThermoGlaze on-site colour matching service.
  • Economical Alternative – The low cost of ThermoGlaze allows any bathroom to be kept up-to-date, fashionable and in sync with the rest of the house. ThermoGlaze your bathroom or individual fittings at a fraction of the cost of a new bathroom or new fittings.
  • Choice of Surface Finishes – Different surfaces and surface textures can be formulated to meet individual decor tastes and safety requirements. New granite and stone finishes available.

Safety Is Our Priority
ThermoGlaze provides a slip resistant surface when wet. Also a range of slip-free surfaces and textures are available. Suitable for all over application or as safety strips. Our ThermoGlaze safety first products are also ideal for use on patios and around swimming pools and spas.

Chosen by Professionals
ThermoGlaze is a time proven product that is specified locally and internationally by leading hotels, government departments, property managers, hospitals and other professionals. ThermoGlaze has been used worldwide since 1977.

Easy to Clean and Sparkle
ThermoGlaze is highly stain resistant. It makes cleaning a breeze… no more dirty grout lines. Just wipe over with any leading brand non abrasive crème cleaner. You can trust ThermoGlaze. It will not lose it’s shine when exposed to hot water. The ThermoGlaze process is specifically designed for use with hot water. Independent tests have confirmed ThermoGlaze’s suitability for this purpose and its superiority over other resurfacing methods.
It out-performs other coating materials on all important measures.

Fast Turnaround Time
Do away with builders and tradesmen taking over your home for weeks on end. A ThermoGlazed bathroom can be used 24 hours after completion!