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We are a family run business operating on the Northern Beaches. Our company has now been trading for 30 yrs.

We specialize in the resurfacing of bathrooms ,baths and kitchens. We can bring your tired and old tiles back to brand new! We offer a warranty on all our work.

ThermoGlaze is a Thermal Fusion process developed in Australia to provide the finest and most durable resurfacing technology.

ThermoGlaze is not a paint but is best described as a synthetic porcelain which is chemically fused to any hard surface. The finished product looks and feels like porcelain.

The product is specifically designed for wet areas and has been tested to withstand 1000+ hours of continuous immersion in boiling water without deterioration.

It will bond to and protect any hard surface including porcelain, baked enamel, fibre glass, laminex, marbletex, wood, metal and plastics.

ThermoGlaze is ideal for resurfacing baths, wall tiles, floor tiles, shower bases, basins, bench tops, and toilets.

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