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Coldbuster is a 100% Australian owned and managed underfloor heating company with over 20 years of industry service. Located locally at Frenchs Forest, we supply and install throughout Australia. Our challenge is not selling floor heating – we know we have great product, great service and great pricing.

Our challenge is to get to all the missed opportunities, i.e. all those who don’t get to consider floor heating as the heating solution for their property. Despite that fact that just about everyone agrees that floor heating is the best heating solution, we often get comments from people what a shame they weren’t given the option (and pricing) to least consider floor heating in the short time frame when it can be considered. Once the floors have been installed, its simply too late! General knowledge of under floor heating is very low in Australia (although common overseas), but by giving our customers the information needed to consider Coldbuster Floor Heating, they can add value to their properties at a surprisingly reasonable cost (as low as $250 for a small bathroom).

Most people think floor heating is expensive as it is considered to be a luxury item, but as it is not nearly as costly as people think. Coldbuster Floor Heating is one of the best spends one can make on a property to increase value far more than its cost not only because it creates the most comfortable ambiance of any heating choice at reasonable cost, but as it is considered a luxury item it automatically adds to the overall prestige of any property.

Our objective is to provide you with all the information needed to make a fully informed decision on whether or not to purchase floor heating on a room by room basis. Hence our offer to provide fully itemised quotes and heat plans. It is important to get the full options so you are able to see the cost of floor heating for each room, alongside an accompanying heat plan for each room.

In summary, Coldbuster offers an excellent investment (difference between luxury image and reasonable cost), for excellent products (again see the many benefits over alternative heating choices), by offering free no obligation itemised quotes (to ensure you have maximum options from which to choose) for products that can only be considered for a very limited time (must be before the floor goes down or it’s simply too late!).

Get a free, no obligation, fully itemised underfloor heating quotation and product recommendation for any new home or renovation projects simply by sending us your plans. This can be done by sending us an email at OR filling in the free quotation form on our website OR calling us on 1800 85 75 65 OR dropping in for a chat!

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