Why it’s crucial to have landscape plans for council – The dreaded words you don’t want to hear and how to avoid them

Let’s face it, landscaping your new home is an expensive and time-consuming task. The last thing you want to hear after you’ve ploughed tonnes of money into stunning landscaping are, “Tear it all down.”

Avoid this nightmare scenario by ensuring that you have professionally designed landscape plans for council from the outset

Landscape plans for council and regulations

Some builders will encourage you to draw up your own landscape plans for council. We would strongly caution you against doing this. Why? Because drawing up landscape plans isn’t as simple as drawing a few plants onto a piece of paper.

Landscape plans for council will need to be based on council regulations. If they’re not they stand little hope of being approved.

Council regulations can be complex and are often difficult to interpret. They’re full to the brim with rules and constraints that must be taken into consideration.

You need to look at:

  • Development Control Plans (DCP)
  • State Environment Planning Policy (SEPP)
  • Tree Management Policy
  • Zoning

The list goes on and on. If council regulations aren’t something you deal with every day it can leave your head spinning.

It’s much too easy to misinterpret the regulations and spend hours putting together a plan that you think is compliant when it actually isn’t.

At Urban and Rural Design, we deal with these regulations on a daily basis. We’re well equipped to create a landscape plan that meets council requirements. We’ll take the stress and headache out of trying to make sense of all the regulations you need to comply with to gain approval.

Urban and Rural Design take the guesswork out of getting landscape approval.

Landscape plans for your new home

Landscaping might seem like something you don’t have to worry about when you’re building a new home. It’s the last thing you do. Right?

The fact is many councils will require landscape plans to be submitted when you submit your house plans for Development Application (DA). So you need to be thinking about your landscaping at the outset.

This can be a really difficult thing to do. It’s hard enough to visualise what your house will look like before it’s built on your land, let alone what the landscape will look like.

The builder might excavate the land and even if the land is relatively flat this can mean that extensive retaining walls are needed. Levels are something that are difficult for homeowners to imagine. A qualified and experienced landscape architect can see them clearly in their mind’s eye and can draw up plans to help you see them too.

Builders often don’t show retaining walls on their plans and if they do, they generally won’t have the details needed to satisfy council.

Remember, your landscaping has a massive impact on the overall look of your home. You don’t want to be rushing to slap together a plan at the eleventh hour just to satisfy council, with little thought given to the aesthetic outcome.

Nor do you want to quickly put a plan together only to find that your plan doesn’t meet council requirements. This can result in lengthy delays in council and endless toing and froing that’s extremely stressful.

It’s best to have a landscape architect from Urban and Rural Design on your team from the outset. They can work with you and your builder to create a plan that will pass council requirements

Don’t waste time and money…get the experts in first.

What your landscape plans for council should include

Your landscape plan should definitely include anything structural. It should also include plants and other items that will form part of your landscape scheme. Make sure your landscape plan includes the following items where relevant:

  • Retaining walls
  • Pools
  • Shade structures
  • Paved areas or any hardscaping (e.g. pathways)
  • Plants and any soft scaping
  • Driveways
  • Letter boxes
  • Washing lines

At Urban and Rural Design we can sort out your entire landscape plan – both structural and aesthetic elements – because we’re landscape architects and landscape designers.

Get your landscape plan right the first time. Call in the experts at Urban and Rural Design

Big benefits of a landscape plan for council

There’s lots of benefits to having professional landscape plans for council. They include:

  1. Once you have a landscape plan you can have the plan quoted so you know exactly what it’ll cost you
  2. Once you have quotes, you can take them to your bank and get an increase in your bank loan to cover landscaping. This is common practice and means that you’ll have the money you need to complete your home and get an occupation certificate.
  3. You’ll have the security of knowing that your plans will comply with council regulations
  4. Your new home’s construction won’t be endlessly held up by council costing you time and money.
  5. You’ll have a landscape plan that ensures your landscaping is safe from a structural point of view and beautiful from an aesthetic point of view.
  6. You won’t have to go through the minefield of trying to get retrospective approval for landscaping that was done without council approval, or worse, having to tear it all out.
  7. You’ll save yourself a whole heap of time, money and stress.

The team at Urban and Rural Design are ready and waiting to help you with your landscape plans for council. We have the expertise and experience needed to do an amazing job for you. Don’t waste your precious time and money.

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