You may have acquired dozens—if not hundreds—of smart things in your home, many of them just accessories, managed by different apps. The problem is, while these devices are cool, you’re left with disparate experiences and very few (if any) of the devices capable of working together. And ironically, although you’ve invested in home technology to enhance your life, you’ve introduced more complexity by installing, updating, and managing all this “smart” stuff.

Craig & his team at Celight Electrical Contracting, can offer an extensive range of home automation, smart wiring and can interface third party control options for a fully automated system. We are moving into a more affordable and technology focused society and we are seeing an increase in demand within homes and business’s.

The Control4 Smart Home Operating System is the platform that simplifies the technology you’ve accumulated in your home—it’s robust, always on, and intelligent enough to integrate thousands of smart devices, connecting and orchestrating virtually everything in your house. Just as a building requires plumbing, electricity, and network connectivity, a smart home requires an operating system to manage and automate all of its connected devices.

Life gets busy—but when your home technology is connected into one simple-to-use automation platform, it helps take away some of those little daily stresses. A true smart home system helps make life more convenient and your home safer, more comfortable, and easier to enjoy.

Receive a notification if the water heater is leaking or the garage door was left open. Forgot to lock the door? Rest assured that your house handled it for you, automatically. From the office, see who’s at your home’s front door, let the delivery person leave a package in the entryway, and lock the door as they depart—all from your phone. Turn lights off in any room, with just one tap or voice command.

Control4 empowers you with full control and management of everything happening in and around your home—whether you’re in the kitchen or on vacation across the world. There’s nothing more reassuring than knowing everything and everyone at home is safe and secure.

Craigs passion & dedication to staying up to date with industry requirements, has naturally progressed the business to specialise in home automation. Celight Electrical Contracting offer smart living solutions for any size home or budget, KDR or decades old homes.

Using CEC to install your home automation solutions you will get:
• Choice from brands you trust
• Authorised dealer for both CBUS & Control 4
• A customized smart home design
• Centralized smart home operating system
• Easy control of home devices from one app
• Professional installation
• Concierge-level technology support

Smart Home Technology Available:
• Smart lighting
• Smart audio
• Smart video
• Security & access control
• Remote access & easy to use interface
• Solid network/WiFi set-ups with fast speed internet with no black spots including coverage in outdoor entertaining areas – without this nothing works

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