As spring is fast approaching, it’s time to get ready to get out there and trim your hedges that have been dormant over winter.
With spring comes warmer weather and the plants are bursting at the seams to get growing again. As the plants haven’t had much growth through the winter it’s advisable to use only hand shearers to take the small amount of growth of as to be sure that you don’t trim them back too hard and risk the hedges or shrubs becoming too ‘woody’. The best way to develop a dense hedge or shrub is by continuously trimming them and that will create new growth more regularly giving way to more new shoots and filling out quicker and healthier.
It’s also advisable to give all newly trimmed plants a good dose of SeaSol liquid fertiliser. You can get handy packs that connect directly to the end of your hose from Bunnings, which mixes the SeaSol and water together while you are spraying saving on time mixing into buckets and spray applicators.
Whilst trimming your hedges and shrubs to get ready for spring growth, it’s also a good idea to clean away all dead leaves, branches or fronds that could be masking pesky weeds in amongst your plants in the garden beds. The best way to get rid of weeds is by hand removal. There are no real weed preventative measure as weeds can come from bird and other air borne pollens. Once fully weeded it’s good to install a thick layer of mulch about 80mm thick as mulch will provide a good weed barrier and also provided nutrients to the plants slowly over time. A good mulch to use is the Forrest fines or horticultural bark from ANL landscapes in Terrey Hills. You can either buy it in bulk and have it delivered to shift in on a weekend with the family or get in bags in the back of the car. Heavily weed impregnated areas could require extra protection and old newspapers work the best, as they still let the oxygen into the soil whereas plastic and weed matting can prevent the soil from being properly oxygenated. Good luck, remember slip, slop, slap because there’s nothing healthy about a tan!