Tree removal and development application

When commencing plans for a renovation, trees can be a major consideration. When a tree is in a position where it is difficult or impossible to work around, an application for removal may be necessary. The pruning or removal of a tree can be applied for as part of the development application process.

When do you need an Arborist and what type of Arborist do you need?

An Arborists report may be required to accompany the application. This is the case when the tree is of significance due to its size, species, habitat or other reason deemed necessary by the council. An independent, level five, consulting Arborist can compile this type of report. When it comes time to remove the tree, a practising Arborist, level three or above, is required to carry out the scope of works.

Council regulations

If you need help or advice when commencing the DA project, your local Arborist is a good person to contact to discuss the regulations in your area. If a tree is on the council’s Exempt Tree Species List then you do not require a permit for the removal. There are some species of tree where it is not obvious what type it is. An arborist can visit your property, identify the species of tree and advise when DA approval is necessary.

The right advice

Adam Bridger, of Precision Tree Services, is a practising Arborist who has worked on the Northern Beaches for over 25 years. Adam says “The Northern Beaches Council website is a good source of information when first considering what can be done with your trees. For more specific advice relating to your property your local tree lopper or Arborist has the experience and knowledge to help.”

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