Home energy retrofit or green retrofit refers to the improvement of existing buildings to be more energy efficient, reduce greenhouse emission, and cut electricity bills.

It’s no secret our way of living can be harmful to the environment. How we use our house contributes to climate change and the rise in energy cost. I know, it’s not easy to renovate for sustainability, the remodelling process is costly and stressful. However, you don’t need to do your home energy retrofit all at once. There are simple steps you can take to be more energy efficient, environmentally responsible, and decrease your electricity bill. This is why we’ve gathered information on 5 Simple Steps to Start Renovating Your Home for Energy Efficiency.

Understand Your Home’s Energy Use

Whether you’re selling, renovating or worried about the electricity bill, assessing your home’s energy usage is a great way to identify your house points that are consuming a great amount of electricity. Understanding where you use the most energy will help you make effective changes to manage your energy costs and reduce greenhouse emission.

A great tool to understand your home’s power usage is a smart meter or in-home electricity display, the data can help you find better ways to save energy. The good news is that by default, according to the Australian Energy Regulator, all new and replacement electricity meters are required to be smart meters.

Adopt Solar Energy

Solar energy is rapidly growing in Australia. The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) reported more than two million Australian households currently have a solar system on their rooftop. According to Kane Thornton, Chief Executive of the Clean Energy Council, homes with rooftop solar installed are saving on average of about $540 per year on their electricity bills.

It’s a well-known fact that solar energy is the best way to reduce energy costs and household’s greenhouse gas emission. Another approach to lower greenhouse gases is through smart design choices to reduce energy usage.

There are two main types of solar technology you can consider in your green retrofit project, which are solar photovoltaic and solar thermal.

Solar photovoltaic: Solar PV is the most known technology where PV cells are combined in panels and can be installed in a rooftop, blended into buildings design and vehicles.

Solar thermal: converts sunlight into heat and has been used mainly for space heating or to heat water.

Most modern homes combine both technologies to get minimal energy bills and lower greenhouse gases.

Replace halogen downlight with LED Lighting

LED stand for Light Emitting Diode, it uses approximately 85% less energy than halogen or incandescent bulbs. LED downlights also have a much longer lifespan than other types of lighting. There are some high quality LED lighting brands in the market. You should consult your electrician about a brand that’s suitable for your home. They will know which one is more compatible with the existing transformer.

Also According to Australia’s guide to environmentally sustainable home, automating your appliances can reduce energy cost.

Hire a Professional Trade of Trust

A reliable trade will help you avoid a lot of stress. DIY seems like a fun temptation, but it is not worth the risk. When it comes to electrical work, consulting an electrician should be the first step. There are solar professionals and electricians in the Northern Beaches that goes beyond the traditional service of a solar and electrician trade. Those are tradies that not only provide superb services but navigate you through efficient ways of using electricity to balance a comfortable way of living with sustainability.

There you have it, 4 steps you can take to start renovating your home for energy efficiency. The web has plenty of information about different approaches to home energy retrofit. But if you need talking to a professional, Energy Culture is a highly recommended solar and electrical trade from the Northern Beaches.

About Energy Culture: Energy Culture is an environmentally responsible solar and electrical trade founded by Joe and Adam. They provide licensed electricians and solar panels services for commercial and residential building on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. Whether you need electrical repair or inspection; solar panel installation or cleaning; battery storage or just need to replace your lights, Energy Culture has the experience and background to complete the job. Their mission is to leave the legacy of a better planet for future generations.