When selling your house, you need to step back and take a long, hard look at how it might present to other people.


This can be tricky as you may like that old wallpaper, changing heights of the children on the wall or the ripped carpet. These are things you can live with, but a prospective buyer sees neglect and something that will cost them time and money.


It’s best to remove negatives from your house, they can be an instant turn-off, and instead create a welcoming feel which calls out to prospective buyers that the house is fresh, clean, and ready to move into.


There are 2 key areas to focus on when preparing your home for sale to help you get the best price:

1. Make Simple Repairs

One of the biggest turn offs for buyers is wear and tear such as chipped tiles, cracked windows, scuffed paintwork, stained carpets, and other obvious signs of damage. These unsightly areas instantly alert buyers there is work required, which can diminish their initial enthusiasm for your property and lower the price they are prepared to pay. You want to ensure you are increasing appeal while not over capitalising.

2. Clean and Declutter

Study other properties currently on the market and you will see they have been decluttered, cleaned thoroughly, and may even have been styled to look modern and pristine. Removing lots of clutter makes the prospective buyer able to see the room properly while more importantly, making the room appear larger. Cleaning makes the property look well cared for, this gives the buyer the impression that the property has been well maintained and there should be no hidden problems.

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